Get Paid to Rate Social Profiles with Rateable

Rateable is a fun and easy way to earn extra cash! Rate, categorize and tag batches of social media profiles. It’s a side gig with no commitments, do it anywhere and anytime!

These ratings help the world’s best brands find the very best social media profiles to partner with. Your work provides key value in the social media marketing world.

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How Rateable Works

Learn to Rate

There are three different ways to score profiles on Rateable: Image Quality, Profile Audience & Content Tags. Each section has it’s own on boarding and tutorial to get you up to speed on how to properly score profiles.

Pass the Tests

It’s important that your ratings match what we’re looking for, so we’ve set up a short test in each category to ensure you know what you’re doing. Once you pass all the tests you’ll be ready to rate!

Rate to Earn

Once you become a verified Rateable user, you’ll be able to rate real user profiles! We begin by giving you small batches and our staff reviews them for rating accuracy. Once your batch is approved your payment will be sent!

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